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Holistic Immunity Summit Package Bundle


Lifetime access to all 21 Video Interviews with the world’s top Holistic Immunity Experts to help you boost your immune health and support your body stay healthy and strong.

Topics these amazing speakers discuss are

  • Dr. Robert Svoboda - Supporting Your Immune Health With Ayurveda 
  • Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya - Smoke, Fire and Flame: Building An Environment of Immunity Through Ayurveda
  • Dr. Micheal Mason-Wood - Supporting Your Child's Immunity
  • Dr. Alice Kerby - Building Internal Resilience to Decrease Stress
  • Dr. Madan Thangavelu- Six tastes and Their Role in Modulating The Human Immune System
  • Dr. Jayagopal Parla - Combating Inflammation With Ayurveda To Balance Your Immune System
  • Suzanne Carpenter -3 Steps To Banish Emotional Eating
  • Tiffany Nicholson-Smith - Daily Practices That Boost Your Immunity
  • Christine Hansen - Sleep Like A Boss
  • Nilofer Safdar - The Impact of Electromagnetic Spectrum On Your Immune Health
  • Paula Crossfield - Emotional Balance & Immunity With Essential Oils
  • Chantelle Diachina - Yoga off the Mat
  • Dr. Neal Barnard - Food, Hormones and Your Immunity
  • Dr. Klara Gubacs - 3 Keys To Your Success In Challenging Times
  • Andrea Olivera - The Healing Touch: Selfcare With Body Therapies For Immune Health
  • Dr. Manjiri Nadkarni - Food As A Double Edged Sword
  • Lisha Antiqua - Unstoppable Confidence - transforming childhood insecurities and unleashing your potential. 
  • Dr. Mala Kapadia - Psychoneuroimmunology -Understanding the missing link connecting the Mind-Body-Spirit.
  • Lea Kraemer - The Energy of Radiance : 6 Ways to Practice Yoga For Enduring Health
  • Dr. April Moreno - The 10 Dimensions of Wellness for Autoimmune Support
  • Dr.Christopher Motley - Infections, Genetics & Autoimmune Conditions


[ This package is only for educational purposes and does not intend to replace medical/ psychological advice. 
Due to the nature of the digital product all sales are final.]

What People Are Saying:

Manjiri, I have no words to express how much I needed this in my life right now. This Summit has literally changed my life! Much gratitude

Sheila S.

I can't believe the amount of information that is being made available to all of us. There is truly something for everyone. Manjiri is right. I have been getting insights with every interview. I have lots of notes and plans to implement them

Sam R.